Construction Management Consultants in Bannerghatta Road

Construction Management Consultants in Bannerghatta Road

Gozelo is the top leader in providing the best Construction Management Consulting to its clients, which is specialized construction various types of building constructions such as residential, office and commercial projects. We have a strong team which is profoundly qualified in their profession and are well-planned in their techniques to construct new buildings or renovating the buildings. We have vast expertise in providing a comprehensive series for our wide range of client portfolios.  We maximize efforts and minimize risks to ensure that a true value of your space adds up the best methodologies.

During the entire process of the work, we bring a full-integrated service that addresses detailed technical knowledge and vast experience that builds a high standard of quality. We are committed to meeting your needs by offering preliminary services with our proven strategies that give a great advantage to subscribe to designing aspects, structural consultants, architectural plans and engineering drawings. 

Top Construction Management Consultants

To ensure the best outcome of the construction project is executed, implementation of Pre-Construction management covers every step of the project which is planned, organized, and maintained by our skilled construction consultant professionals. Pre-construction services is a strategic planning to manage architectural, construction, structural engineers or interior designers to successful completion of the project.

Gozelo offers a comprehensive construction management consulting services that assist clients in facilitating and coordinating the project during the whole construction process right from start to completion of the project effectively. 

Pre-Construction Services

  • Conceptual planning
  • Contractual Review and Negotiation
  • Cost Estimation and Evaluation
  • Construction Design Reviews
  • Contractual Documentation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Value engineering
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Project Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Safety Management
  • Cost Management
  • Follow-up Activities

Construction Management Phase

Gozelo provides an outstanding construction management process, flexible in workflow by applying various categories of end-to-end projects right from project planning to design and execution level to achieve tranquility in construction work meeting project objectives.

We have a strong set of a team which includes of engineers, designers, and planners to ensure the construction series matches the quality standards and budget compliance. Maximizing resources network, we minimize the risk by acquiring adequate resources to implement in the project to seamless drive the whole construction process.

Team is categorically divided into

  • Structural Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Architect Designers and Planners
  • Construction Contractors
  • Contract Labourers
  • Interior Designers
  • Officials from various other departments    

We are expertise in developing various construction projects well within your budget on par with exceptional quality as well as safety norms. Our experience in providing the detailed cost of the material specifications, designs and labour cost ensures that the project is initiated only after meeting clientele expectations and approval.

Another important component of the construction management is owner’s occupancy. Once the occupancy of the building begins, the warranty period starts. This is to ensure that all the materials, equipment, and quality expectations are included as per the client requirements.

Gozelo’s Construction Management Services in Bannerghatta Road has improvised the timely schedule of the construction works as well as to achieve the best performance that unlocks all the possibilities that match your preferences and help you out with great efficiency.

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