Construction Management Services in Hebbal

Construction Management Services in Hebbal

Gozelo provides a proven-approach of construction management services in Hebbal, which a professionally driven service that utilizes the best techniques right from inception to completion of the project. We deploy customized solutions with our strong technical expertise to offer consultation, planning, and designing. Our aim is to provide time, cost and quality constraints for every project we undertake.

Construction management functionary involves a set of a project which includes:

  • To specific core project objectives adhering to time, cost and quality requirements.
  • To specify the scope of the project by setting up experts to maximize performance.
  • Increase the efficiency of the team to procure labour, material selection, and equipment
  • To develop a proper communication platform so that the team of different operations is well-ordinated.

Pre-Construction Stage

For every successful completion of the project, our professional expertise carefully plans by listening to client needs and specification requirements. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to develop a customized project management services that bring significant advantages such as fast-track process of the project, cost-effective and the best quality. Our expert team of project manager, contractor, supervisor, and field engineer ensures that every aspect of the project is planned strategically that meets up the core objectives in detail.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Conceptual planning
  • Budge Analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Estimation
  • Scheduling
  • Contractual Documentation
  • Procurement
  • Quality control
  • Safety Management
  • Cost Management
  • Follow-up Activities

Construction Management Stage

We at Gozelo provides an outstanding construction management process by involving various categories to apply in the process of end-to-end projects right from project planning to design and at the execution level to achieve a smooth flow of construction work meeting project objectives.

With a strong set of team, we have engineers, designers and planners to ensure the construction series meets the quality standards and budget compliance. Maximizing resources network, we minimize the risk by acquiring adequate resources to implement in the project to seamless drive throughout the construction process.

Team is categorically divided into

  • Structural Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Architect Designers and Planners
  • Construction Contractors
  • Contract Labourers
  • Interior Designers
  • Officials from various other departments

Construction Project Management

Gozelo is a one-stop solution to exercise every aspect of the building construction process right from planning to designing phase, initiation to handing over the keys and post-construction maintenance. Backed by a multi-disciplinary team, we coordinate at every stage of work to ensure that the project is scheduled on-time within the time period.

We are expertise in constructing well within your budget without comprising on the quality or safety norms. Our expertise provides the detailed cost with material specifications, designs and labour cost to assure that the project is initiated only after the approval.

After the approval of the project, as per the construction industry norms and standard building contracting procedures, the payment is scheduled according to the milestones or percentage of completion.

Another vital component of the construction management is owner’s occupancy. Once the occupancy of the building begins, the warranty period starts. This is to ensure that all the materials, equipment, and quality expectations are included as per the client requirements.

Hebbal has drastically witnessed the rapid building construction works across all sectors. Gozelo’s Construction Management Services in Hebbal has improvised the timely schedule of the construction works as well as the key performance that unlocks all the possibilities.

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