Vaastu Experts Bangalore

Vaastu Experts Bangalore

Gozelo’s aim is to provide the best aspects of designs and construction services by a team of interior designers, architects, engineers, and contractors who consult with you to collect your home or office needs by Vaastu Experts in Bangalore. We have a renowned years of experience that gives aesthetic designs to meet all external and internal structural needs based on the Vaastu Compliance.

Best Vaastu Consultation

As a leading Construction and Interior project works, we also offer outlines not only with the

unique concepts, but also with dealing with the spiritual science of Vaastu Shastra that adds peace, prosperity, and happiness to lead a comfortable living style. We have added our idea of Vaastu parameters for all types of residential, commercial, and office projects.

To achieve peace, joy, and prosperity, we help our clients that give harmony with both natural and universal energy by revealing the knowledge of science that connects the person. We analyze all the aspects of Vaastu by evaluating your property or site or space. We also suggest for existing buildings if they are any Vaastu limitations to help you out with the ideation and planning that is optimal with schematic designs, drawings, and structural elevations.

At Gozelo, we have our expert advisors on Vaastu who have strong years of experience and highly-professional in constructing and designing projects as per the needs of Vaastu compliance. Our Vaastu consultants cater to the following services:

  •     Evaluate property, plans, and structural orientation based on the location points and placements.
  •     To discuss standards while following Vaastu compliance in furnishing and decoration.
  •     Vastu analyses compliance to provide proper correction solutions for existing buildings or to incorporate the changes in the plans.
  •     To provide details of directions such as North-South and East-West directions for building wardrobes, cabinets, placing furniture, household items, bathroom fittings, etc.
  •     To discuss corrective measure in case of improper Vaastu compliance.

At Gozelo, we promise the complete makeover of existing properties or to come out with the best solution that enlightens your lifestyle. We have professionals who have the strong background to provide 100% results.

Vaastu Professionals

To make it compile with your space with according to the Vaastu science, we have professionals who have deep knowledge and experience to check and verify property. Our skilled professions helps you in constructing/renovating of your home, office or commercial establishment as per the needs of Vaastu that gives all the remedies.

Vaastu has been the most significant features to review and analysis house, office, or  commercial building. Based on of the detailed study of the plot or land, we examine layout, plans, and structural drawings. Model floor plans for the direction considering Vaastu science is also recommended by our team that helps in getting specific dimensions for internal and external plans for structural orientation.

Vaastu science is a traditional mystic belief of designs and plans that integrate architecture of the building with nature and universe. Our Vaastu Experts in Bangalore help you with the best practices of utilizing the concepts of geometry, symmetry, and directions involving the relative functions.

For any ideas or consultations with respect to Vaastu needs for your building, please contact Gozelo Construction and Interior Design company. Our Vaastu Experts are here to provide the best suggestions.

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